A Mammoth

We are moving elephants more than 1,000 miles to protect two African habitats. They are moving us along the way.


Inspiring elephant-oriented stories from all over the planet, as well as features on other Southern African fauna & flora.

Elephants, from South Africa and Mozambique, but also those in Tanzania, Thailand, and Tennessee. From baboons to baobabs, and their (often imperiled) ecosystems.

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Stories about an animal species with whom elephants have an extremely complicated relationship: mankind.

Humans and elephants have a variety of connections -- some beautiful and heartwarming, some chilling and cold-blooded. There are men & women who can be counted as elephant allies, others who are clearly foes, and still others who are uneasy neighbors.

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Powerful stories from Southern Africa and beyond, with a focus on the the countries that are home to elephants.

South Africa and Mozambique share much more than a 300-mile border: Both countries have also suffered cruel colonial and post-colonial histories. Explore the politics, culture, and history of both nations. Visit other parts of Africa, Asia, and wherever else elephants can be found.

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