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Moving Giants provides extended coverage of a multi-year elephant-translocation project in Southern Africa.

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The Moving Giants elephant-translocation project is a tale of two countries — South Africa and Mozambique — and a nature reserve and national park in those nations.

In South Africa, Venetia Limpopo Nature Reserve (VLNR) has a "carrying capacity" of 60 elephants, but as of July 2018 had as many as 275 elephants. To protect and ensure the long-term biodiversity of that fragile ecosystem, it was necessary to translocate at least 200 elephants from VLNR to another home.

After careful and extensive research, that new home was awarded to Mozambique. National parks in Mozambique, once teeming with animals, lost significant percentages of their wildlife after a devastating 15-year civil war (1977 to 1992). The nation is currently engaged in a fascinating "re-wilding" effort.

Moving Giants is the largest elephant "re-wilding" effort ever attempted from South Africa to Mozambique, as 200+ elephants will journey more than1,000 miles to their new home. The project commenced in July 2018, with the translocation of 48 elephants from VLNR to Zinave National Park in southern Mozambique. The remaining 150+ elephants will be translocated to conservation areas within Mozambique that hold sufficient elephant carrying capacity starting in 2019.

Our Partners

The Moving Giants elephant-translocation project involves a diverse and varied group of partners and collaborators.

The overall effort is a collaboration between the owner of VLNR, De Beers Group; the Mozambique and South African governments; Peace Parks Foundation (PPF), the NGO that works closely with the Mozambique government to co-manage and further develop Zinave and other national parks; and Conservation Solutions, the translocation experts who are actually moving these giants.

Elephant Champions

There are scores of organizations around the world devoted to the welfare and well-being of elephants. Here we recognize a select group of those wildlife advocates on our Elephant Champions honor roll.

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