April 17, 2019

1:56 pm

12-Year-Old Elephant Saved From Snare When Organizations Came Together To Rescue Him

This is a guest blog by Peace Parks Foundation, one of the partners behind Moving Giants.

This week, the Saving The Survivors (STS) veterinary unit, supported by the Maputo Special Reserve (MSR) rangers and Peace Parks Foundation, attended to a critical case of a young elephant badly injured by snares.

The team searched for the elephant for day using the combined efforts of the Reserve's fixed wing airplane operated by Peace Parks, rangers, and the STS vet on the ground. Finally, the next morning we were able to locate the suffering giant and darted him from the anti-poaching helicopter.

The 12-year-old bull had a terrible snare wound on the back leg that had been grinding the flesh around it, causing a very deep wound. Furthermore, we found an additional 2 snares that was cutting into the animal's trunk - a trunk that had been already previously been amputated by a snare.

Despite the multiple lesions we expect the elephant to recover well. Thank you to Mabeco tours that alerted us about this animal, and to all partners for a great team effort!

Read more about snares - Africa's silent killer - and how you can help: https://www.peaceparks.org/the-unintended-victims-of-a-hid…/