August 19, 2018

10:44 am

Eight Jaw Dropping Photos for #WorldPhotographyDay

If a picture is worth 1,000 words then prepare for yourself for a very long read. We were saving a lot of these photos for later features but today is World Photography Day so it only seems fitting that we show off some of the stills that capture, in such captivating detail, what it means to move 200 elephants in the longest translocation ever attempted. For this project, we were proud to work with renowned South African photographer James Oatway. It would've been easy -- and maybe obvious -- to go with a photographer whose entire career revolved around taking beautiful stills of wildlife but that's not what we did. We asked James to join the project because of his journalistic eye and his ability to capture the emotion and drama.

We didn't just want pretty pictures. We wanted to tell a story.

Below you can behold some of the photos that do just that. All captured by Mr. Oatway. We hope they pique your interest because there are a lot more coming your way. Happy World Photography Day!

A helicopter preparing to tranquilize a family of elephants. (Credit: James Oatway)
The feet of a tranquilized elephant. (Credit: James Oatway)

Topping up an elephant's tranquilizer. (Credit: James Oatway)
Transferring an elephant into the transport truck. (Credit: James Oatway)
Checking elephants during transport. (Credit: James Oatway)
"Hurry up and wait" as the team stresses over every detail of the capture. (Credit: James Oatway)
Support vehicle racing around the field. (Credit: James Oatway)
Even trucks full of elephants need to stop for gas. (Credit: James Oatway)