August 17, 2018

1:16 pm

8 Non-Profits Getting Creative To Fight For Elephants

It is National Non-Profit Day and we're proud to support many of the non-profits that are championing the elephant. We have a full list of these organizations on our elephant champions page but for National Non-Profit Day we picked a few of our faves to highlight some of the innovative things they're doing to keep elephants safe.

Amboseli Wildlife Trust has pioneered the longest running study on wild elephants and they've created this impossibly cool data visualization to show you their findings.

The Asian Elephant Art and Conservation Project lets you purchase art with all proceeds going to elephant conservation. The best part? All of the artists are ELEPHANTS.

The African Wildlife Foundation has started a program called Canines for Conservation, which trains dogs to "sniff out wildlife contraband, track poachers, and catch traffickers -- and the arrests and convictions are piling up." This is the story of a 3-year-old german shepherd who has sniffed out and busted more than 200 poachers. Part of the appeal of dogs is that they are incorruptible.

TRAFFIC decided to put technology to use and created the Elephant Trade Information System (AKA ETIS) which is "the CITES-mandated tool that tracks illegal trade in elephant ivory and other elephant products."

The Elephant Sanctuary "uses a system of solar-powered cameras to locate and monitor the elephants; to provide distance learning opportunities to schools and groups around the globe." You can watch the live feed here for your elephant fix.

VETPAW is a group of US veterans who use their skills to train African park rangers in counter-insurgency to help them fight poachers.

Space For Giants recognized how poor farmers were negatively impacted by elephants destroying their crops. To keep the peace and help keep people and elephants safe, they started a program to build fences for poor farmers.

Saving Ganesh works with Yoga teachers around the globe through its elephant yoga ambassador program. They've designed a themed elephant yoga practice so that teachers can offer an elephant yoga class and donate the profits.