January 15, 2019

10:44 am

Elephant Crushes Tree With Ease

Most humans would have trouble pushing over a tree sapling. Elephants, however, can effortlessly crush large, solid trees.

Doubt us? Here's a video of a massive bull elephant in South Africa blithely pushing over a tree like it was no big deal. In this trunk versus trunk battle, the elephant has the decided advantage.

All puns aside, elephants can be very destructive in particular habitats when there are too many for one ecosystem to handle. Such is the case in De Beers Group's Venetia Limpopo Nature Reserve in South Africa, which has a carrying capacity of between 40 and 60 elephants, and yet which had more than 270 at the beginning of 2018.

This is precisely why the Moving Giants initiative is moving 200 elephants from Venetia Limpopo to Mozambique.