December 5, 2018

12:05 pm

Elephants in the Room at #COP24

Elephants are the talk of COP24, the UN’s annual climate-change conference, taking place this year in Katowice, Poland. But they’re not the elephants we are used to covering here at Moving Giants.

Though elephants themselves are vulnerable to the effects of climate change — and though elephants can also offer a solution to battling the effects of climate change — the elephants being discussed in Poland this week are not the trunk-and-tusk bearing mammals, but rather the metaphorical specters in the room.

In short, elephants have become everyone’s favorite environmental metaphor, and they are being used to warn attendees about everything from overpopulation to corruption.

Here is a roundup of elephant-citing tweets related to #COP24:

Fossil Industry:



Economic Growth in Mitigation Scenarios:

Population Growth: