December 13, 2018

2:35 pm

Geospatial Data Will Help India Protect Its Elephants

The Indian Institute of Science and the Indian Environment Ministry are teaming up to experiment with a new method to keep the country's elephants safe: geospatial data. The use of a Geographic Information System, better known as GIS, will help generate and maintain a real-time map of all the elephants in India.

A statement from the divisional forest officer behind the project follows: 

“A GIS-based elephant distribution map of this sort is being prepared for the first time in India. The process of data collection will be completed soon. Once ready, this geospatial data can be used to analyse the movement of jumbos, their migration patterns and fluctuations in their numbers in a particular region. This will help us understand the reasons behind the increase or decrease in numbers of the pachyderm."

To learn more, head over to Times of India.