November 19, 2018

12:59 pm

India Builds Elephants A Hospital Of Their Own

Veterinary medicine is a complicated field -- when you can't communicate or instruct your patients, healthcare can be difficult. This is especially the case when you're dealing with a gargantuan animal, like an elephant. The logistics alone can be confounding. So India has taken note.

In order to help elephants live their healthiest lives, India has opened a hospital exclusively for elephants in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. What about elephants that can't make the trek for treatment?

“Our hospital has center with very portable kind of machinery,” Geeta Seshamani, Wildlife SOS co-founder said in a statement. “So if an elephant is hit-and-run very far away anywhere in North India, we can go there and we can take care of it on site itself.”

The services range from x-rays to full-fledged surgeries and all of the equipment is optimized or improvised to accommodate for the hospital's larger-than-usual patients.

“The hospital is something really special because for centuries India has used its elephants and abused them,” Seshamani said. “Today, for the first time, we can offer them a place where we can heal them and take very good care of them.”