August 30, 2018

9:28 am

A Jumbo Trade, From New York to New Orleans

There was big news in sports yesterday, as the New York Jets football team announced it was trading the team's excellent young quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater, to the New Orleans Saints.

Earlier in the month, another big-time trade was reached that will soon also be sending some huge names from New York to New Orleans -- only this time the stars being shipped are elephants.

Derek Gee/Buffalo News

Jothi (36) and Surapa (35) have resided in the Buffalo Zoo since 1987, after originally arriving from Arignar Anna Zoological Park in India.

The announced move from frigid Buffalo to temperate New Orleans was celebrated by In Defense of Animals (a Moving Giants "Elephant Champion"), which had featured the Buffalo Zoo five times in the last 10 years on in its annual "Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants in North America" list.

“We are delighted that the Buffalo Zoo will let Jothi and Supara thaw out in a more suitable climate," said In Defense of Animals (IDA) elephant expert Dr.Toni Frohoff. "IDA has actively and arduously worked to free these elephants from their decrepit, unsuitable zoo conditions for over a decade. This is a positive move for Jothi and Supara, but we will continue our work to get them to an accredited elephant sanctuary where they can live as elephants instead of as exhibits. One less miserably freezing zoo exhibit for tropical elephants is a cause for great celebration.”

The Buffalo Zoo, the USA's third-oldest zoo, had had elephant occupants since 1900.