February 15, 2019

1:04 pm

New Data Helps Sri Lanka Better Understand Its Elephants

The asian elephant is an endangered species that is native to Sri Lanka -- but up until now, Sri Lanka hasn't known a whole lot about its elephant population

This week, researchers unveiled a data-based distribution map that was four years in the making. The map plots the general distribution of elephants across the country but also includes critical information on their habits and migratory patterns.

This type of information can help governments mitigate elephant-human conflict and gain a better understanding of which regions pose a greater threat to elephant safety.

Surprisingly, this isn't just the first data-based distribution map for Sri Lanka, it's the first data-based distribution map created for any of the 13 countries to which asian elephants are a native species.

A good reminder that when it comes to conservation, technology has an essential role to play.