February 4, 2019

10:28 am

New England Animal Activists Rally For Elephants

This weekend, as the New England Patriots captured their sixth super Bowl title, another group of New England-based patriots were rallying ... to free elephants.

The Worcester, Mass., rally was organized by the Nonhuman Rights Project — a Moving Giants "Elephant Champion" — which is a nonprofit that has made news in recent months by filing lawsuits against zoos that house elephants, noting that the zoos are violating the animals' rights. In this case, the protest is seeking the release of three elephants from a Connecticut zoo.

The zoo that was being protested — the R.W. Commerford & Sons Zoo — is actually in Goshen, Conn., but the zoo was holding the R.W. Commerford & Sons Zoo Kids Fun Fair in Worcester. That brought out the protesters, who were carrying signs reading “Commerford Zoo = caged cruelty” and “end elephant slavery,” outside the event at Worcester's DCU Center. (There were no elephants at the Kids Fun Fair.) This particular protest gathered about 100 people, reports the Worcester Telegram. , who are seeking the permanent transfer of the zoo's three elephants from Commerford to an elephant sanctuary in California.

The Nonhuman Rights Project also sponsored a petition on change.org, seeking the release of the three elephants — Beulah, Karen, and Minnie. The petition already has 300,000 signatures.