October 10, 2018

10:35 pm

This Cliff In Iceland Looks Eerily Like An Elephant

An elephant in Iceland? Hear me out.

Instagram users across the world have developed a fascination with one particular cliff in Iceland this week... Why? Because it looks like an elephant.

Not in a kind-of-sort-of looks elephant-ish kind of way but as if some almighty deity had chiseled an elephant into the rock face itself.

It's on an island called Heimaey that's just five miles off the southern tip of Iceland. Heimaey is the largest and only inhabited of the Westman islands. It has about 5,000 residents and a healthy flock of tourists coming for a pretty exciting range of day trips. Among it's most sought after attractions: puffin penguin viewing, horseback riding and taking a boat out to view elephant rock from the sea. A sea view is the only vantage point where the elephant really comes to life. From the top of the cliff looking down, it just looks like -- well -- a cliff.

If you want to make sure this isn't the only type of elephant that your Grandchildren get to see, make sure to sign WWF's petition that urges world leaders to end trade in illegal wildlife.