Mozambique Welcomes Back Sable, Oribi & Eland

October 10, 2019

6:42 pm

As part of our 2019 rewilding season, Peace Parks Foundation has reintroduced three species back into ecosystems in Mozambique where these populations had been decimated for decades.

In Zinave National Park, a new founder population of 48 sable were released into the park last month. Sable used to occur in this area in large numbers, but were annihilated during the country’s lengthy civil war, and have not been seen for many decades.

Now they’re back.

Courtesy of Peace Parks Foundation, Photo: Lee Bennett

Maputo Special Reserve welcomed back 46 oribi and 21 eland. This is the first time that eland have been present in the park in more than 30 years.

The sable and oribi were translocated as part of a larger rewilding effort that saw 388 animals moved from Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique.

The eland were sourced from South Africa.

The rewilding season also saw the translocation of various other species to augment existing populations, that include elephant, giraffe, zebra and buffalo.

Courtesy of Peace Parks Foundation, Photo: Lee Bennett